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Things to Do in Santa Monica California

Santa Monica California

There are lots of towns in the state of California that are valuable to visit. But if you’re seeking for a bit less excited than downtown Los Angeles or less urban than San Francisco, Santa Monica is the place for you. This beachfront city is entirety that you could think of California to be. It’s sunny; it’s chill. It’s got a vibe that’s going to make you want to visit outdoors and appreciate what Mother Nature has blessed California with. Santa Monica is an attractive place to stay, and if you’re visiting the city for the first time, here are the some things you must absolutely do or see.

The Pier of Santa Monica

This is perhaps one of Santa Monica’s most famous attractions—if not the most. This is why this place gets so crowded. The crowd is certainly value it, though. You can’t leave Santa Monica without devoting some time and doing lots of things at the Pier. There are lots of things to see and do at the Pier, so make sure you allot a good quantity of time. Pier offers food, novelty shops, street performers, and a lot of fun. The pier is open 24 hours a day though each shop keeps their own hours.

Palisades Park

You can appreciate both California Southern coast and the Santa Monica Mountains at the Palisades. In such, you won’t get a better view somewhere else. This park will take you away from the extremely popular spots and help you get enough quiet to really breathe it all in. It’s the perfect spot for winding down.

Santa Monica State Beach

If you’re going to visit California, it’s only true that you enjoy its waters. Santa Monica State Beach is massive, so it’ll never feel crowded whatsoever—except for the areas closest to the pier. The beach contain the entire length of Santa Monica, so chill out a bit or a lot if you desire. The original Muscle Beach is still situated near the pier with workout services for bodybuilders. Bike riders and skaters zoom along on the Marvin Braude bike trail Los Angeles a covered path that winds through the back part of the beach.

Tongva Park

If you’re considering for something exclusively Santa Monica, Tongva Park will give you just that. It’s a delightfully luxuriant space that supervises the Pacific Ocean. There are paths, playgrounds, and even waterfalls at Tongva Park. The dramatic topography of rolling hills and braided paths inspired by the arroyo wash landscape makes the park feel much larger than 6 acres, helpful a range of uses that advantage the health and wellbeing of community members and visitors of all ages. You could easily spend an entire day of fun and relaxation at this place.

Santa Monica Stairs

You might fare better here if you’re a Santa Monica native; but if you’re visiting for the first time, make sure you can handle the pressure before you go. If you want to go through with the challenge, you can choose between 199 concrete steps or 170 wooden steps. Either way, you’ll definitely break a sweat here. The twin Santa Monica stairs are a center for hard bodies and weekend fitness warriors who also jump rope, stretch, jog and power through pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups in between climbing. Be sure to bring whatever you need as there are no facilities.

California Heritage Museum

If you’re itching to just do something indoors, a visit to the California Heritage Museum will definitely do you good. The California heritage Museum is a good place to spend some time while you are in Santa Monica. The museum is in a converted home dating from the Victorian era and is in a quaint area of the city and offers some additional history to the visitor. This museum is located in a restored 1894 Victorian house, and the exhibits you’ll see are all about California. The exhibits rotate constantly, so you’ll probably never see the same thing twice—unless you go back to back.

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