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Subtlety is the Solution to Aging Gracefully – Dr. Nabavian Champions Fat Transfers over Fillers and Botox

When it comes to plastic surgery, most would agree that subtlety is best as compared to looking “done.”

Indeed, it’s about graceful accents and tiny tweaks – and anyone will agree that a frozen or pulled face is hardly subtle.  And the dubious use of liposuction to reshape the body isn’t a welcoming procedure to sign up for either.

“Thankfully, we can now use a patient’s own fat cells to restore fullness and proportion to the face and body,” says Dr. Reza Nabavian, Director of Aesthetic Surgery Education at USC where he serves as Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery. “Fat transfers use a patient’s own fat cells as a natural and living implant to sculpt and shape the face and body.”

Fat transferring procedures enhance appearance with no use of synthetic fillers, implants and drastic surgery.” These procedures restore youthful and sensual fullness to the eyes, brows, cheeks, lips, nasolabial folds and chin. Fat transfers can soften wrinkles and crow’s feet, lighten dark circles and decrease pore size.  A patient’s fat can also be used to augment, reshape and lift the buttocks, correct cellulite, dimples and scar deformities and rejuvenate the hands”

“Fat grafting is a natural alternative procedure to filler injection and surgery.” So say goodbye to face scarring and injecting foreign substances like Botox and fillers into your body.


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