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Q: Shorter But Bigger Nose After Rhinoplasty

I sustained a nose injury and met with a surgeon to have Rhinoplasty. I had photos of this famous model whose features were close to mine except her nose. Anyhow, I wanted her nose. I wanted a smaller, well-defined nose. During surgery, cartilage from my ear was put in my nose. Seven months later, my nose appears larger with no definition. It’s shorter but bigger. Could it be due to too much cartilage, and it failed to shrink as predicted? Does cartilage in the nose shrink over time, and if yes, what is the percentage of shrinkage?

A. Many factors can be contributing to the nasal shape

It would be difficult to provide a helpful answer without photographs, but generally, it sounds like you are not happy with the width of you nose as well as the amount of tip projection.

Cartilage does shrink a bit over time but I doubt it is the main reason for the mismatch here (between your expectations and the results).


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