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Q: How to Achieve Cleavage After Breast Feeding and Implants?

I’ve had Breast implants for two years now but I recently had a baby. I only breast fed for one month, so my breasts don’t need a lift. I’m just a little concerned that now they actually don’t look that full anymore. They are not sagging, just not as full as they used to be. And what really bothers me is the separation I have now which makes me look like I don’t have a cleavage, I want an opinion on what are my options to have a cleavage?

A. May be possible to move implants more towards the center of your chest.

Either due to initial placement or changes to capsule or the overlying skin, you may have implants that are placed too lateral on your chest. It may be possible to release and allow more fullness at cleavage.


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