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Q: Fat Transfer For Compound Fracture Scar?

I have a compound fracture scar to the inner part of my lower right leg from an accident that occurred when I was 11 (I am 28 years old). I’ve been able to see a plastic surgeon who advised me that he could take some fat from my stomach and put this into the indented area of the scar. However, he said that there was a risk that the fat could seep through the scar tissue and cause an ulcer (20% chance). I wonder what your views are on this and whether you have performed this procedure yourself and its success rate.

A. Fat grafting may be a good option to correct your scar deformity

The scar deformity has two components:

1-The loss of volume from the area after orthopedic procedures.

2-Scar bands that form in the deep plane and tether the skin.

To properly correct the deformity, it may be necessary to release the tethering and then add the fat grafts. It may take more than one attempt to get good results. Knowing that one can add more fat later, will remove the impetus to put too much fat and risk ulcerations, etc


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