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Q: Fat Stored After Liposuction Not Good Anymore?

I had an abdomen Liposuction done a few years ago. The doctor gave me my fat to freeze and I have had it since then in my freezer. The problem is that my lights went out for 2-3 days. I would to like know, is the fat is not good anymore? I want to use it for fat grafting to my buttocks.

A. Say no to stored fat!

First of all, if biologic material such as fat, is to be stored for re-use in the body, it must be maintained with the standards of blood banks. So physicians’ offices or patients’ own would not qualify.

Secondly, intuitively and scientifically, fat that is harvested, traumatized, then stored, is likely not going to be a quality product. Not very difficult to harvest fresh fat at the time of injection.


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