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Looking Done is So Last Decade

Looking Done is So Last Decade: The Cultural Shift Towards Age Appropriate Cosmetic Procedures

Looking done is so last decade

Middle aged is no longer synonymous with matronly. The over 40 woman is a force with whom to be reckoned. She is no longer seeking the fountain of youth, but rather seeks to look as good as possible – for her age that is. Women want to look refreshed, healthy and energized. They are less concerned with looking 20 years younger

Instead, women over 40 are wearing their hair longer, sporting bikinis and have more economic power and independence than ever before. And, say these women, why should beauty be intrinsically linked to youth?

In an “age appropriate” movement, plastic surgery too has evolved. “Ironically, older techniques may have removed excess skin to combat aging, but these procedures did nothing to restore youthfulness,” says Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at USC, Dr. Reza Nabavian.

Dr. Nabavian reflects a school of thought that subtlety is best, advocating for minimally invasive and preventative techniques that avoid nipping and tucking where ever possible.

The first defense and treatment of aging, he says, resides in proper skin care. “Signs of aging begin with the condition of the skin itself. Sun damage, environmental factors and overall physical and mental health contribute to the health of the skin.” For younger patients, he suggests treating hyperactive glands and acne using treatments such as glycolics and sunscreens. More mature patients require more intensive agents, such as retinoids and vitamin C to gradually resurface the skin and decrease sunspots and wrinkles.

And where wrinkles stand their ground, Dr. Nabavian advocates the use of Botox, Thermage and fat transfers. Where Botox is concerned, Dr. Nabavian warns that, “Botox is commonly misused and has been known to cause a masked and unnatural appearance. One needs to keep in mind that facial movement is a natural process that needs to be preserved.”

Fat transfers, he says are the most natural and non invasive way of rejuvenating hollow or aging skin. “We can now use a patient’s own fat cells to restore fullness and proportion to the face and body. This procedure enhances the appearance with no use of synthetic fillers, implants and drastic surgery.”

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