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Is there a weight limit for breast augmentation?

Is there a weight limit for breast augmentation?

We recommend that patients be within 10 pounds of their healthy ideal weight for numerous surgical procedures. We do it for a variety of reasons. A lower risk of problems is associated with being closer to a healthy goal weight. We always strive to provide our patients with the safest surgery and recuperation possible, and since a lower body weight is safer, that’s what we propose. Second, getting closer to your ideal weight can assist you in achieving the best possible cosmetic result that is proportionate to the rest of your body.


After liposuction, breast augmentation is the second most popular cosmetic surgery technique. It is critical for a woman to have sufficient information about the treatment, including its benefits and drawbacks, in order to make the best decision about whether or not to proceed with the surgery. During pre-op consultations, the breast surgeon will go over every element of the breast implant operation and answer all of the patient’s questions and concerns.

Aspect of Body Weight

Some women want to know if their body weight or BMI (body mass index) is a factor in whether or not they are a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery. The majority of breast surgeons believe that body weight is not a significant factor in assessing whether or not a patient is a good candidate for breast implant surgery. Women with a BMI or weight that is lower or greater than optimum may be candidates for the surgery.

A surgeon’s primary priority will be to ensure that the woman is in good overall health and does not have any medical conditions that could jeopardize the treatment or make recovery difficult. The body weight issue would not normally be a serious concern as long as she is certified fit to have surgery.

Saline implants for women over the age of 18 and silicone implants for women over the age of 21 have been approved by the FDA. Implants with diameters ranging from 120 cc to 960 cc have been approved. As a result, women with a wide variety of body and breast sizes are eligible for this procedure as long as the cosmetic surgeon deems them fit on all fronts.

BMI in a good range

While there are no specific weight restrictions for women who are considering breast implant surgery, most surgeons believe that a woman’s BMI should not put her in the obese category. Any cosmetic surgical operation, such as breast implants, is safer for those who are not obese in ideal circumstances.

Some doctors believe that a BMI of 30 or less should be considered the upper limit before a patient is eligible for elective surgery such as breast augmentation. When these guidelines are followed, the chance of problems during and after surgery is lowered.

Loss of weight

If the woman’s BMI is more than 30, it would be a good idea to start with weight loss and a healthier BMI. To attain this aim, a surgeon may be able to recommend the patient to a successful weight loss and exercise program. After achieving a healthier BMI, the patient can proceed with breast augmentation surgery.

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