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How much does it cost to go up a cup size?

How much does it cost to go up a cup size?

On our blog, we recently discussed the current trend in aesthetic preferences toward smaller breasts and smaller breast augmentations. Since then, we’ve received a number of inquiries on how to obtain a more moderate breast size growth. Many patients expressly inquire, “What size implants do I need to go one size larger?”

The answer varies depending on your starting breast size and shape, the bra you use as a measuring stick, the size of your torso, and other factors. To accomplish a single cup size increase, you may require larger or smaller implants than another patient. Let’s take a look at the subject right now.

What is the procedure for sizing breast implants?

The volume of breast implants is measured in “cc’s,” which stands for cubic centimeters. Every implant manufacturer offers a wide range of sizes, starting at roughly 100cc and progressing in 10 to 20cc increments up to 800cc or more. Having so many alternatives helps us to achieve extremely exact breast augmentation size goals, despite the fact that there is only roughly 1 Tablespoon every 15cc of implant filling. However, knowing what size implant you’ll need to move from an A cup to a B cup, for example, isn’t made any easier.

Some Santa Monica plastic surgeons use a rule of thumb of 150 to 200cc per bra cup size increase in order to simplify sizing estimates; nevertheless, some of our patients require a 300cc implant to achieve one cup size rise, while others require a 340cc implant. Using the search tools in our before and after gallery, you can observe the vast range of implant sizes our patients with similar aspirations have.

In other words, there is no precise “formula” for increasing one cup size, and we suggest focusing on a certain number for a variety of reasons.

More than size is needed to get natural-looking, lovely breasts.
First, in addition to volume, there are a number of factors that influence the actual size gain a breast implant will deliver, including:

Base width and implant profile

Shape of the implant (i.e., classic round, teardrop shaped, extra upper pole fullness)
What percentage of your breast tissue is natural?
Your rib cage’s breadth and shape
Your breasts’ natural shape and size (For example, do you have a broader breast base, narrower or tuberous breasts, or any asymmetry or sagging that has to be addressed?)
A 200cc high profile/narrow base width implant placed on a petite patient, for example, will usually result in a higher breast size gain than a 200cc low profile/wide base width implant placed on a larger patient. Furthermore, as implant size increases, it needs more cc’s of volume to achieve a full cup size increase, therefore going from a B to C cup would require a larger implant than going from an A to B cup.

Second, bra size is essentially non-existent; the cups of a 34C bra in one brand or design will fit differently than a 34C in another brand or style. (I’m sure you’ve had this experience when shopping for bras!)

We narrow down an implant size range for our own patients by having them try on several implant sizers during a consultation to evaluate which size will give them the aesthetic they desire. During your breast augmentation surgery, our plastic surgeons will also use sizers to ensure that the actual implants you receive provide just the proper boost in your proportions.

We’re the go-to place in North Atlanta for natural-looking breast augmentation

Choosing the appropriate implant size, as we tell our Atlanta breast augmentation patients, is a combination of art and science—and all of it is something a skilled plastic surgeon can assist you with. Our board trained plastic surgeons at The Swan Center can help you achieve the look you want with breast surgery, whether you want a dramatic size increase or a more subtle boost. To schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us immediately.

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