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The appearance of aging depends on many factors. Genes, diet, health, lifestyle and mental state all contribute to how you appear to the outside world.

With advances in the fields of plastic surgery, there is now a better understanding of anatomical and biological changes in the aging face, and, thus, there is an opportunity to anticipate these changes and take preventive measures. As more people seek facial cosmetic surgery for rejuvenation, a stronger emphasis should be placed on treatments to delay the appearance of aging and negate the need to turn to drastic surgical procedures. More importantly, by adhering to some simple prevention principles, individuals can ensure they will look their best at any age.

In my practice, I have been treating patients from all age groups who seek to look better and younger for their age. It is essential to assess the individual needs of each person based on their unique characteristics. Moreover, my understanding of the manifestations of aging has led me to formulate an “age appropriate” approach to facial rejuvenation. This approach utilizes a combination of non-invasive and minimally invasive categories of treatments that together will help delay the aging process and enhance the face appearance at any age.

I believe that the secret to an age appropriate rejuvenation is to understand the role of each treatment modality as a preventive tool and to provide a combination therapy that will address specific areas of concern in each age group. Of course, healthy aging starts with a healthy lifestyle and seeking physical as well as mental well being are paramount. Listed below are some modalities that in the proper context will serve as important preventive tools:


Signs of aging begin with the condition of the skin itself. Sun damage, environmental factors and overall physical and mental health contribute to the health of the skin. Therefore, age prevention should start with proper skin care. Younger patients may require products that focus on prevention and maintenance and might need to address hyperactive glands and acne using treatments such as glycolics and sunscreens. More mature patients require more intensive agents, such as retinoids and vitamin C, to gradually resurface the skin and decrease sunspots and wrinkles.

Proper protection from ongoing sun exposure and appropriate topical care will help maintain skin’s inherent elasticity, tightness and clarity, which in turn, aids in keeping it clear and healthy. It is also important to remember that the science of skin care is always evolving, and newer products are constantly coming onto the market. As providers, reviewing the scientific premise of a product and incorporating clinical experience in assessing if a particular product is appropriate for each individual is important in helping a patient receive the proper skin care.

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