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Do you have to lose weight to get breast augmentation?

Do you have to lose weight to get breast augmentation?

When you’re undergoing a bodily alteration, it can be tempting to jump right to the changes that will have the most impact right away, such as a breast augmentation. However, if you’re on a weight-loss quest, it could be wise to put an augmentation on hold until you’ve reached a weight that’s close to your ideal. It’s possible that losing weight before getting a breast augmentation is the best option.

Should I wait till I’ve reached my ideal weight before getting a breast augmentation?

It might be exciting to watch your physique slimming down over time if you’re on a weight-loss journey—except when it comes to your breasts, which most women would rather not lose volume in. Breast augmentation can be an excellent way to improve your breast shape and play an important role in your personal transformation by restoring your desired curves.

If you aren’t quite at your optimum weight but know you want to improve your breasts, you might be wondering when is the best time to have a breast augmentation. This blog is entirely dedicated to you! We’ll help you assess the pros and drawbacks and determine whether you should call to schedule your consultation right away or wait until you’ve met your weight loss target.

Prior to surgery, find a stable weight

Many plastic surgeon would advise you to lose weight before getting a breast augmentation. This can assist you and your surgeon in determining your true breast size, making implant selection easier. Weight loss prior to augmentation, as well as maintaining a constant weight, might lead to a healthier overall lifestyle, which may aid recovery.

If you’re thinking about getting a breast augmentation, consider it as part of a larger makeover plan. Weight loss before breast augmentation can help you figure out the best course of action for your implants and make you a better candidate for the procedure.

How close do you have to be to your desired weight to get the best breast augmentation results?

Before scheduling your breast augmentation, we examine your weight for two reasons: one functional and one attractive. To begin, you must have a BMI of 35 or less in order to properly receive anesthesia during the treatment. Second, your weight must be reasonably stable in order for your outcomes to be consistent.

Carrying excess weight enlarges the breasts, whilst losing weight deflates them, affecting your bra size and the way your clothes fit. Breast implants are difficult to pick because of weight-related variability: you and your surgeon need to view your breasts close to their final size to determine how much of a boost is required. As a result, it’s advisable to postpone breast augmentation surgery until you’ve reached (or are within 10-20 pounds of) your ideal body weight.

It’s possible that the size and form of your breasts will alter

A weight loss or gain might have a significant impact on the results of a breast augmentation procedure. Weight reduction may cause the breasts to drop to a lower position on the chest, causing sagging. Weight increase, on the other hand, may add undesirable volume after your surgeon has established the volumetric look you want.

You might notice a shift in your proportions

Another factor that may change as you gain or lose weight is the proportion of your breast implant size to your overall figure. Your surgeon considers your frame and present breast size while assisting you in selecting an implant size. Choosing implant size is more about attaining the look you want in relation to your current features than it is about achieving an optimal bra size.

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