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Do breast implants sag over time?

Do breast implants sag over time?

The possibility of their breasts sagging over time with the implants within is a major concern for breast implant patients. While this is a typical issue among patients who visit our offices, it’s critical that they learn about the ways that specialists can employ to reduce the drooping of their patients’ breast implants. One of the most prevalent causes for breast augmentation in Fort Worth is to address a problem that every woman faces: sagging breasts. However, any amount of patient study will show that breast augmentation with breast implants does not persist indefinitely, even if it does continue for several years. The truth is that implants will ultimately sag, necessitating repositioning or the need for another breast augmentation. Sagging breasts aren’t a problem because

Surgeons with expertise can help you get rid of sagging skin

While some patients have reported severe breast implant sagging following their breast augmentation, this sagging is frequently the result of the surgeon’s incorrect implant placement. When the surgeon sets the implant too low on the body, it might cause significant sagging. This occurs when the implant crosses the inframammary crease during surgery, causing the implant to “bottom out” and sink over time.

Another problem arises when the surgeon makes a large hole at the bottom of the chest muscle to insert the implant. The implant may sink below the muscle as a result of the broad hole. Patients with very little breast tissue and thin skin, which is more prone to straining over time, face a special problem.

Breast Implant Options Must Be Picked Carefully

Many women who have had their breast implants sag over time have learned that the implant they chose was too big for them. They may have also elected to forego a breast lift in addition to their augmentation, which their specialist may have recommended.

Patients who have severe sagging before their treatment are frequently advised to get a breast lift if they want to keep their breast implant in the best possible position for many years.

Natural Sagging Is Possible

While most cases of implant sagging may be avoided with careful selection of a breast implant specialist and close consultation on breast implant sizing alternatives, certain cases of implant sagging are caused by natural factors.

As a result of the changes in their bodies during pregnancy, women may notice that their breast implants are sagging. Because there is now surplus skin around the implant, significant weight loss around the breast area might also result in implant sagging. It’s critical to discuss these concerns with an expert in order to develop a treatment plan that will alleviate these types of natural sagging issues. Often, the plastic surgeon can do a breast lift to assist keep the implant in place despite the body’s natural changes over time.

Patients can reduce breast implant sagging difficulties years after the treatment by communicating efficiently with experienced cosmetic professionals. Speak with one of our professionals directly to learn more about this topic.

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