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Best Things to do in Pacific Palisades California

Fabulous ocean views, stylish homes, and dusty canyons describe this wealthy area, comfortable between Santa Monica and Malibu. Even though there is a downtown village of sorts south of Sunset Boulevard, natural land is the main draw here, attracting visitors to hiking trails or along the Palisades’ winding roads.

Getty Villa

Impressively balanced on an ocean-view hillside, this museum in a replica 1st-century Roman villa is an attractive, 64-acre showcase for Greek, Roman and Etruscan ancient times. Dating back 7000 years, they were combined by oil tycoon J Paul Getty. Galleries, peristiles, courtyards and greenly landscaped gardens entrench all style of decorations, busts and mosaics, millennia-old cut, blown and colored glass and brain-bending geometric shapes in the Hall of Colored Marbles. Other tourist attractions include the Pompeii fountain and Temple of Heracles.

The upper terrace has the best sight of the attractive courtyard garden neighboring a shiny pool – and down to the ocean – and there are plays and events in the more modern amphitheater.

Saddle Peak Lodge

Country side as a Colorado mountain lodge, and placed into the Santa Monica Mountains with a stream running underneath, Saddle Peak Lodge work for up elk, beef, buffalo and other game in a setting observed over by mounted versions of the same. Though the fittings are rustic timber, this is adequate dining, so don’t come here after a day on the trail.

Hidden Treasures

This one-of-a-kind store pops from the Topanga Canyon roadside, thanks to skeletons and dummies dressed like Egyptian eunuchs and Viking warriors, standing sentry amongst the old wagons and icon poles out front. Intimate it’s a widespread old-fashioned boutique of (mostly well-curated) sweaters and coats, sweatshirts, ponchos and wool flatteries, denim jackets and leather bombers – all the retro-hippie basics or visit Brentwood CA.

El Matador State Beach

Malibu’s most stunning beach is El Matador Beach, where you park on the hillsides and stroll down a trail to stonework rock towers that rise from bright green bays. Topless sunbathers swim through the tides, and dolphins breech the surface beyond the waves. It’s been wedged by coastal attrition, but you can still find a sliver of dry sand tucked against the bluffs.

Will Rogers Park

Will Rogers well paid actor purchased his Ranch in 1930 which is now known as the Will Rogers State Historic Park. Guided tours of the ranch house are obtainable at select times, or for families who desire, they can travel the ranch on a self-directed tour. The Tourist Center offers exhibitions about the past of the site. Hikers can relish a reasonable 2-mile loop to and from Encouragement Point. The Rivas Canyon Trail also provides a moderate 2.1 mile hike to Timescale Gateway Park. Polo games are occur every weekend, excluding Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day, from May to mid-October.  The Polo field at Will Rogers is just one of the park’s numerous delightful structures. The grass covered expanse is 20 yards shorter and a few yards thinner than a directive polo field and is carefully preserved by park staff. 

Los Lioness Trail

If your family loves hiking, try the Los Leones Trail. It’s a steady climb which will recompense you with extraordinary sights of the Pacific Ocean. The hike is said to be 1.3 miles with an elevation gain of 550 feet. While hiking, be on the lookout (and use caution) for a number of living being including lizards, birds, snakes, and more. Don’t forget to bring more water than you think you’ll need, snacks, and sunscreen.

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