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Things to do in Santa Monica, CA

When you are traveling through the picturesque town of Santa Monica CA you might be wondering what types of things there are to do. If splashing around in the water is your thing then you might want to take the time to visit Santa Monica State Beach. Just west of downtown Los Angeles, it boasts 3.5 miles of beautifully soft and maintained sand, making it the perfect spot to kick back, relax and catch some rays. Afterwards, you can kick things up a notch by visiting the Santa Monica Pier, which is chock-full of activities that the whole family can enjoy. Perhaps the most famous part of the pier is the amusement park that is located directly on the pier. It features several thrilling rides, including the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel, an arcade with over 200 games and a plethora of restaurants to satisfy any hunger. If the beach scene is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other things to do to keep you busy.

If shopping is at the top of your list, visiting downtown Santa Monica is guaranteed to delight. One area, aptly named, “Third Street Promenade” is a shopper’s dream, with the shops ranging from the eclectic style to high fashion and everything in between. As an added bonus, the promenade is filled with a superabundance of street performers that will captivate you with their talents. If you head south on the Third Street Promenade, you will end up at Santa Monica Place, an outdoor mall featuring a full three-levels filled with 100 retail shops and restaurants. Be sure to make use of the mall’s same-day delivery so that you don’t have to carry your purchases from store to store. In addition, the mall is pet-friendly so feel free to bring your four-legged kid with you.

Perhaps you would like to avoid the beach and shopping. If this is the case, why not visit the Santa Monica History Museum? Featuring six galleries and over one million historical items, you will walk away knowing everything you need to know about Santa Monica CA. An absolute must-see during your visit is the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. Featuring hands-on activities, educational programs, and over 100 species on exhibit, including graceful seahorses, mesmerizing moon jellies, adorable moray eels, and a whole lot more. This aquarium is sure to gratify the whole family.

This is a very short list of things you might want to do during your visit. Santa Monica is flooded with all kinds of hidden gems, just waiting for you to find them. As a matter of fact, you can start your day by visiting the Santa Monica Visitors Center, located at 2427 Main Street, Santa Monica CA and they will provide you with a guide to all the things you can see and do during your visit. There are so many options, you might want to plan your itinerary for two or three days! Happy Site Seeing!

Q: Thermage Hands – Will It Tighten Skin?

I have loose skin on the backs of my hands and would like it tightened. Would Thermage work for this?

A. Thermage has limited efficacy for hand skin…

Thermage can help tighten hand skin when there is mild to moderate looseness. If there is significant loss of elasticity, it is unlikely that Thermage can make a significant difference.


Q: Fat Transfer Using Inner Knee?

Does taking fat from the inner knee and injecting it into the face mean the fat survives better that fat taken from the abdomen?

A. Generally, Fat Survival Is Mostly Related To The Technique.

Small studies suggested that fat from different body sites might have a different survival pattern.  I do not think we know enough to make a substantial claim.  I like the inner knees as donor site; most women like the contouring effect.


Q: Natural Look After Mid Face Lift And Fat Transfer Swelling?

I have had Cheek implants for 4 years and I have been happy with these. My eyes looked very hollow though and a fat transfer was performed 25 days ago to remedy this. I also had A mid-face lift at the same time.

Right now my cheeks are massive. I am really frightened that they are still so huge after 25 days and I’m beginning to doubt if the result will be natural/normal.

My surgeon has said that the result will be normal but I would really appreciate some other input. Can I expect to look natural in 6-8 weeks?

A. You Would Expect Significant Swelling After The Procedure.

Combination of midface lift and fat transfer can result in the expected post-operative swelling. With previous cheek implant surgery, drainage patterns may be affected and the resulting swelling may take longer to clear.

Your surgeon should be able to determine whether there is any localized fluid collection that is contributing to the swelling. You may also ask your surgeon whether gentle lymphatic massage could help clear the swelling. If there are no unexpected complications, you can expect to see significant reduction in the swelling by week 6.


Q: Liposculpture Vs Liposuction?

How does liposculpture compare to liposuction?

A. No. Liposculpture is the same as liposuction

Liposculpture is just another term for liposuction. It might imply that there will be attention to details but technically, it is the same.

Important factors to achieve a great liposuction results are:

1) Good patient selection. Patients with excess fat deposits and good overlying skin quality are good candidates.

2) Good judgment. Removing the correct amount from the correct area obviously works the best. Overzealous suction, especially in the superficial planes can lead to significant deformity. Doctor must be able to correlate the findings while the patients are standing vs when they are lying down during surgery

3) Good technique. Gentle technique with smaller cannula allows better contouring. It may take a bit longer for the surgeon, but certainly worth it for the patient.


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